Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are daycares or preschools able to register?

• Yes. Any accredited education facility or school is accepted in the program.

Is my homeschool or high school group able to join?

• Yes. Any accredited education facility or school, including homeschools.

How can I find participating schools in my area?

• Answer: Please contact us and include the city, state, and zip code you are looking for. We’ll get back with you regarding participating schools.

What if there is not a participating school in my area?

• We offer the School Spirit Angels as a way to benefit schools who do not currently participate. The labels can be sent directly to Aunt Millie’s Bakeries and we’ll send a check to the school of your choice. Check out our School Spirit Angels link under Join Now.

Do labels expire?

• No they do not.

Are there submission deadlines or restrictions?

• Submit as frequently as you’d like. We are accepting all year round.

Is there a minimum submission quantity or value?

• No, submit as many or as few as you can collect.

What is the best way to group our bundles of 50 labels?

• Excellent question. Bundling makes processing much easier for us. How you bundle depends on what is easiest or most convenient for your school. We happily accept stapling, paperclips, envelope, baggies, rubber bands, or attached to collection sheets.

What are collection sheets and where can I find them?

• Collection sheets are new to our program. Parents and students can attach labels directly to the page. Then send the completed pages to us. No need to remove and bundle! Pages can be found at Classroom Materials under Join Today.

We have labels that do not make a group of 50 can we send them in as well or do we wait to make the 50 labels?

• If you have less than 50, please bundle these separately and note the total.

Thanks for showing your School Spirit!

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