How It Works

Aunt Millie’s Bakeries believes that education is vitally important to our children and our communities.

That’s why we’ve created the School Spirit Program; a program that will help you earn money for your school by doing something you already do anyway:


Buying bread!

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Clip & Redeem UPCs

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Now you can raise money for your school every time you buy specially-marked Holsum, Sunbeam, Soft ’N Good or Aunt Millie’s bakery products, by participating in Aunt Millie’s School Spirit Program.
It’s so easy. Just save proof-of-purchase symbols (UPCs) with the School Spirit symbol from Eligible Products (click on the link below) and turn them in according to the School Spirit Program guidelines.
For each proof-of-purchase received, Aunt Millie’s will donate a nickel to your school. Your school can use the money for any school-oriented program.

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Eligible Products


Looking for a complete list?  You’ll find it here:


Or download a Complete Listing of Eligible Products here:

PDF for Printing

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